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What's for Sale Here?

Exclusive, HD quality downloads of matches between some of the best wrestlers around, that's what!
Layout look familiar? It should-this site is a part of SLAMmin Promotions-the same great people that bring you and You can expect the same great image quality and intense action that we've been bringing you from the ladies since 2003!

How Do I Get One?

You should get more than one because you'll like them, but really the answer is: You click the appropriate button.

CCBill users get instant access. Just click, fill in and you'll be given the address of the download page. Then, right click the graphic, choose "Save Target As" and sit back and wait for the video to completely download to your hard drive.. Access is restricted to 48 hours-no exceptions

Paypal users will get their Username and Password emailed to them within 24 hours of purchase (don't worry-it's usually much less) that will be good for 48 hours from the time the email was sent. Use those and the webpage address provided in the letter to access your video. Once there, right click the graphic, choose "Save Target As" and sit back and wait for the video to completely download to your hard drive.

Important: Be sure that your email address is up to date with Paypal and that you don't have your email security set so high that you cannot get our Password letter. Most times the problem is not that we've missed you, it's that your email has banished us to your Spam folder. Please check there before you get huffy with us!!

I Just Placed a Paypal Order-Where's My Password, Dude?

We appreciate your enthusiasm and we'll get right to it. Paypal orders are NOT instant access at this point. If you need it right this minute please choose the CCBill button for your purchase.
Sometimes if we're on the road there may be a delay in filling your request, but most of the time you'll get your Password set within an hour or so. Writing us to ask when we will send you your Password will only delay the process by the way--We'll probably answer your letter at the same time that we send your Password to you.

If you haven't heard from us within the allowed 24 hours please do write us in case there was an oversight.

Now That I've Downloaded It, Can I, um, Share It?

We'd appreciate it if you didn't. The guys are paid by us to make these matches. If we don't make any money, we can't pay the guys to put on more. The circle ends, SLAMmen withers and dies away...and it would all be your fault! We hope that you'll respect us and the wrestlers enough to support them in the proper ways! That means telling your friends if you think we've got some good action (and honestly warning them if you think we don't). We think we've priced things pretty affordably to help keep things within reach of just about anyone.

And by the way, if you're caught sharing your Password set that's grounds for the immediate rescinding of it. And we won't sell to you again.

A Bit of the Legal: These matches are sold for the express pupose of home use and not to be resold or reposted in any form without the express written consent of SLAMmin Productions. We catch you, we reserve the right to not sell to you again. And don't pretend that you didn't read this!

How Come My Video Doesn't Play/Sound Right?

A couple of possible reasons. One is that your player may need a specific codec that it's lacking. If that's the case, simply play the video with your Internet browser open and it should "phone home" for the software that it needs.

The temp cache of your browser may be full also. Click "Tools" in the bar up top, go to "Internet Options" and check things out there.

It's also possible that your download was interrupted or corrupted somehow. Try downloading it again. Delete any incomplete version of the file from your hard drive (including deleteing it from your Recycle Bin). Then, be sure to compare the total size of it with what's listed on the site- that will let you know that you have the complete file.
All videos have an intro and an outro of a "SlamMen" graphic; if you don't see those, something's wrong. We don't sell incomplete matches.

Also, you might want to look into a free download manager like LeechGet ( or Flashget ( or Free Download Manager ( to help you connect and download larger files. Some ISPs time out during the download of large files and download managers can speed up downloading and also equalize your connection.
Harsh fact-many ISPs are putting caps on bandwidth usage now and you may need to call yours up and check your sevice status-we can't remotely diagnose your connection.

Mac users-you know that you're special and that you need special software to compete in this PC world. Please do a search for the proper software and player to play our WMV files.

When all else has failed, please drop us a line at and we'll see what we can do to help.

Custom Matches Available Now! has got the connections. We'll be posting here about upcoming shoots so keep checking back. Have a particular match up you'd like to see? Drop us a line. We won't guarantee that we can get it done but we'll try. Please consider geography unless you're willing to throw some frequent flyer miles our way!!

Prices start at $250 for a 10 to 15 minute pro-style ring match between 2 wrestlers. 30 minute matches start at $500. Referees are available for an additional charge. We'll send you either a download or DVD copy, depending on your preference. For $10 extra, you can have both. Pro moves only and the guys wear their normal gear. If you would like the action pictures shot during your match, it is only $30 more and we'll promise at least 50. You have to let us know in advance as we do not always have someone available to shoot pictures. These will be sent to you on CD at 5 X 7, 200 ppi or sent via zip file. retains all rights to the commercial and Internet use of the matches and pictures.

Complex outlines run extra and we leave it up to the wrestlers to give the final yes or no to a proposal. Also, availability of the wrestlers and geography can play a big part in costs and completion time, so please keep those in mind. Payment in full is expected before anything will be shot.

If you have any questions or want to set up a match, write us at

My Computer Crashed-Can I Download Everything I Ever Bought From You Again Now For Free?

Not even a 'Please?'?
First rule of working with computers-Back That Stuff Up. You've just learned a hard lesson to be sure and we don't want to kick you when you're down, but basically, you're responsible for keeping your purchases safe.
So, a friendly No to that.

Can I Order Using a Money Order Instead?

Yes you can, but please be sure that you've put into the envelope that you send us:
Your name and email address
The name and the number of the SLAMpeg that you want
Your Money Order; No personal checks are accepted and cash would be at your own risk.

Mail to:
SLAMmin Productions
Box 2698
Valrico, FL 33595

When we receive your letter your information will be emailed to you.

I Have a Slow Internet Connection-Can I Buy SlamMen matches on a DVD?

Yes you can. If you'd like to order our video downloads but receive them on a CD instead of downloading them, we will put the MPEGs/WMVs on a disk and mail it out to you. You'll have to remember to put a note in the correct field of the order form telling us that you'd like them mailed to you USPS instead of downloading them. They'll be the regular price listed with the video (sorry no members discount) and be sure and add $3 for shipping. The address is in the previous question.

If you want a disk that will play in your DVD player, we can burn the SLAMpeg file to a DVD. It will not be full DVD quality, but it looks darn good.
Those are the price of the video plus an additional $5 each for time and materials. Payments can be made by going to and using the "Send Money" tab (our email is that as the recipient). Be sure and include a note about the video(s) you're ordering.

When Do We Get the Next Batch of Videos?

We'll see how this catches on, but we should be adding new material on a regular basis. Keep an eye on the front page for new matches.

Can I Put Some of Your Stuff Up on YouTube, et al?

No, please don't. The image quality's not reflective of what we offer and, before you say it, it's not great advertising for our site. Please leave that up to us. Thanks for asking us first though-that's a very nice thing to do!

What's the most ignored page of the site?

Even though there are only 2, it's this one right here--Congrats for making it to the end! You should now be overflowing with knowledge and ready to order a video!


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